Torque RT700 is BACK!! Your Favorite Highest Performance Brake Fluid is Once Again Available.

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Specializes in Just One Thing: RT700™ Racing Brake Fluid. And it is the BEST! Compare and you will Feel The Difference.

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Look at What People Are Saying About Torque RT700™

91st Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2013

I have used all the major brands of brake fluids on the market and the Torque RT700 is a superior product. We started out the event with fresh fluid and did not have to bleed the brakes at any time. The brake pedal feel was consistent and very predictable which allowed me to drive harder. If Read the Rest…

Wow! I’m I’m impressed…

Much like the majority of you reading these, you’re probably looking for a better, higher temp fluid. This is exactly why I chose to give Torque a try. Having tried just about every other fluid out there I figured I would give it a try. I run a fairly heavy Dodge Stealth (3000 GT really) Read the Rest…

We Recommend Torque RT700 for All Applications

We have been a Torque Dealer for a bit over a year now. We were initially impressed by it’s stand-out performance specifications and now, after both extended testing in our cars as well as the feedback from our customers, it’s clear that RT700 maintains its performance far, FAR longer than any other brake fluid we have ever Read the Rest…

Torque RT700 is the ONLY brake fluid we stock!

We have used many different brake fluids over the years in countless street and track focused cars. Now we stock only one brake fluid, Toruqe RT700. we have been using this “only racing brake fluid developed and produced in the USA” in all of our shop and customer cars for a while now. RT700 survives Read the Rest…

Never Thought Brake Fluid Could Make A Difference

I’ve been using Endless RF650 for about a year and prior to that I had used Castrol SRF for several years since I started tracking my 08 Corvette. The car has been gaining upgrades since I started tracking the car but it’s not a race car (yet, but at this rate…) Anyway the brakes (a Read the Rest…

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Torque RT700™ is the only bespoke racing brake fluid developed and produced in the USA. Torque Inc. is a small North Bay, California based company that makes just one item... Racing Brake Fluid. The best fully DOT 4 compliant racing brake fluid you can get... anywhere.

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